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BMM150 Geomagnetic Sensor


This sample application periodically reads magnetometer (X, Y, Z) data from the first available device that implements SENSOR_CHAN_MAGN_* (predefined array of device names). This sample checks the sensor in polling mode (without interrupt trigger).

Building and Running

This sample application uses an BMM150 sensor connected to a board via I2C. Sensor has multiple pins so you need to connect according to connection diagram given in bmm150 datasheet at page 41.

west build -b nrf52840dk_nrf52840 samples/sensor/bmm150
west flash

Sample Output

To check output of this sample , any serial console program can be used. Here I am using picocom program to open output. Check which tty device it is. In my case it is ttyACM0

$ sudo picocom -D /dev/ttyACM0
( x y z ) = ( -0.390625  0.087500  -0.390625 )
( x y z ) = ( -0.275000  0.115625  -0.275000 )
( x y z ) = ( -0.281250  0.125000  -0.281250 )
( x y z ) = ( -0.287500  0.134375  -0.287500 )