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Network Core Helpers


The network subsystem contains two functions for sending and receiving data from the network. The net_recv_data() is typically used by network device driver when the received network data needs to be pushed up in the network stack for further processing. All the data is received via a network interface which is typically created by the device driver.

For sending, the net_send_data() can be used. Typically applications do not call this function directly as there is the BSD Sockets API for sending and receiving network data.

API Reference

group net_core

Network core library.


enum net_verdict

Net Verdict.


enumerator NET_OK

Packet has been taken care of.

enumerator NET_CONTINUE

Packet has not been touched, other part should decide about its fate.

enumerator NET_DROP

Packet must be dropped.


int net_recv_data(struct net_if *iface, struct net_pkt *pkt)

Called by lower network stack or network device driver when a network packet has been received. The function will push the packet up in the network stack for further processing.

  • iface – Network interface where the packet was received.

  • pkt – Network packet data.


0 if ok, <0 if error.

int net_send_data(struct net_pkt *pkt)

Send data to network.

Send data to network. This should not be used normally by applications as it requires that the network packet is properly constructed.

  • pkt – Network packet.


0 if ok, <0 if error. If <0 is returned, then the caller needs to unref the pkt in order to avoid memory leak.