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Generic GSM Modem


The generic GSM modem driver allows the user to connect Zephyr to a GSM modem which provides a data connection to cellular operator’s network. The Zephyr uses PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) to connect to the GSM modem using UART. Note that some cellular modems have proprietary offloading support using AT commands, but usually those modems also support 3GPP standards and provide PPP connection to them. See GSM modem sample application how to setup Zephyr to use the GSM modem.

The GSM muxing, that is defined in GSM 07.10, and which allows mixing of AT commands and PPP traffic, is also supported in this version of Zephyr. One needs to enable CONFIG_GSM_MUX and CONFIG_UART_MUX configuration options to enable muxing.