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An example to illustrate the usage of crypto APIs.

Building and Running

This project outputs to the console. It can be built and executed on QEMU as follows:

west build -b qemu_x86 samples/drivers/crypto
west build -t run

Sample Output

[general] [INF] main: Encryption Sample

[general] [INF] cbc_mode: CBC Mode

[general] [INF] cbc_mode: cbc mode ENCRYPT - Match

[general] [INF] cbc_mode: cbc mode DECRYPT - Match

[general] [INF] ctr_mode: CTR Mode

[general] [INF] ctr_mode: ctr mode ENCRYPT - Match

[general] [INF] ctr_mode: ctr mode DECRYPT - Match

[general] [INF] ccm_mode: CCM Mode

[general] [INF] ccm_mode: CCM mode ENCRYPT - Match

[general] [INF] ccm_mode: CCM mode DECRYPT - Match

Exit QEMU by pressing CTRL+A x.